CMG Life Services Inc. is an integrated company serving the life settlement industry. We have acquired and currently manage, primarily for pension plans and other institutional clients, portfolios of life settlements with an aggregate face amount of approximately $5 billion (and growing) covering over 1,000 lives.

We are active in structuring these life settlement portfolios on behalf of these investors, often acting in marketing and capital-raising roles while also acquiring the life settlements underlying the portfolios.

What is a Life Settlement

A life settlement is the sale or assignment of a life insurance policy on the life of an elderly person (typically health impaired) by a third party for investment purposes. The purchaser of (or investor in) the policy becomes the policy owner, assumes the responsibility for paying future premiums, and becomes the beneficiary of the policy entitled to the death benefits at maturity (death of the insured).


CMG Management Team

Any company’s legitimacy and strength are characterized by the experience of the individuals who manage it. The senior management team at CMG Life Services Inc. is comprised of individuals with a total of almost 100 years of experience in financial planning, investment management, complex financial transactions, securities and insurance.


Industry Leading Performance

CMG Life Services Inc. is pleased with the confidence and trust that our clients have shown in allowing us to utilize our experience and industry-leading analytical tools to identify investment opportunities in the life settlement market. We are firmly committed to providing value for our clients. We strive to exceed our clients' expectations in maximizing their investment returns.



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